Java Applets Examples

HitoriPoker on Java
This is my first programming on Java. The original was made by Mr.Tsuji on X11 and C.
Dentaku using Parts for Java
Parts is a good environment for Smalltalk. Now, Parts for Java is available. P4J has a good tutorial (in English and in Japanese). This is the example which I made using P4J.
HitoriPoker on Java using P4J
This is another HitoriPoker using P4J. I only used Visual Designer to arrange the components.
Stock RMI example using P4J
The original is Sun's stock RMI example. I made using P4J instead of the original When you want to try it, you must use a brower which can handle JDK1.1 and RMI.
There is Parts for Java 2.0.
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